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According to the USDA’s latest Census of Agriculture, 2012, there are 2,109,303 farms in the United States. The USDA definition of a farm is misleading as they include individuals with $1,000 or less in agricultural product sales in this total. In contrast, the same Census tells us that large and very large farms together accounted for only 3.8% of all US farms, however, this group produced over 66% of all agricultural product sales. Howell Farms of Crossroads is one of only 8,565 farms in the country, 0.4% of the total, which produced 31.2% of the value of all US agricultural production.

Economics dictates that the agriculture industry recognize and implement the efficiency and increased productivity of large scale operations – just as other industries such as manufacturing and retail have done. Yet, despite the trend toward consolidation of farms, 97% of all the farms in the US are still family owned and operated. Even in our “largest” category, 87% are owned by families. We are just families whose business happens to be farming. We like to grow things ‐ and we are privileged to work together to grow them!

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