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Industry Involvement

Usgc japan 2017
Howell Farms hosts a Japanese US Grains Council delegation in 2017.

At Howell Farms we consider it a privilege and our duty to set aside time and put forth the effort to help promote the agriculture industry. We do this for two major reasons. Farms and farmers are few in number. See the farm family page to understand just how few we are. Each succeeding generation of the non-farm public is further removed from any contact or even knowledge of agriculture. We believe it is important to maintain a continuing dialogue with our non-farm neighbors to improve understanding of our industry. The second reason is to promote what we produce.

The industry promotion we do takes many forms. During the years we maintained a retail farm market, we gave tours to elementary school children educating them in the source of their food. More recently, Katy and Keri Howell have created educational displays at the Delaware County Ag Days, where they illustrate and hand out crop production visuals to the attendees. We communicate regularly with our elected officials on issues relating to agriculture. David has given Congressional testimony three times and is on our congressman’s agriculture advisory committee. Aaron has completed the two year Indiana Ag Leadership Program, which aims to prepare participants for leadership roles in varied agricultural businesses and organizations. Adam is featured in the on-going “Farmers Feed Us” campaign which targets urban populations with farm facts. His corn production message was clearly visible in the Washington DC metro. David dedicates time to industry organizations such as the Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture and Farm Policy Committee. Adam is a current board member of the Indiana Corn Marketing Council. We are fortunate to frequently host delegations of grain importers and buyers from around the globe, most recently Japan, Taiwan, and China. We believe our efforts spent on these activities will pay dividends in greater understanding of our industry and more demand for our products.

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