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Crossroads Lutheran Church Historical Preservation Society (CLCHPS)

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Our family is actively involved with the preservation of the historic Crossroads Lutheran Church. This church was founded in 1848 by Rev. Samuel Sayford, a horseback riding pastor originally from Virginia. Rev. and Mrs. Sayford’s oldest son, Augustus, was killed in the Civil War and Rev. Sayford died shortly after. Mrs. Sayford donated land for their congregation to build a permanent place of worship after Samuel’s death.

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Crossroads Lutheran Church, Middletown, Indiana

The little church was built in 1868 with labor provided by local farmers and with bricks made on a local farm. The builders of this church possessed strong values related to faith, family, and country – values which we believe are important to illustrate and preserve. We farm much of the land that originally belonged to some of the church founders. We feel that we have a kindred obligation to help preserve this historic place of worship for the community.

CLHPS hosts two fund-raising events each year, an old-fashioned ice cream social on the lawn at The Church and a hog roast in the Josiah Cromer homestead barn which is on our farm. We also sponsor an annual Christmas Eve service at The Church which is becoming a tradition for many area families.