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Field Day 2017 Recap

Beautiful September weather greeted us for the 6th annual Howell Farms Field Day. We plan Field Day for the busiest time of the year to give our landowners, business associates, and neighbors a glimpse of behind the scenes activity during the harvest season.

Adam discusses the intricacies of tomato production.

We took our guests into the pumpkin warehouse where Aaron explained a little about the picking, packing, sizing, and shipping of our jack-o-lantern, pie, and autumn couleur pumpkins. Then, with the help of Dan Hargreaves and his church bus, we toured a pumpkin field, tomato field, and corn field. Adam and Aaron provided cultural insight into the production of these crops and shared information about some of the field trials going on at Howell Farms on an annual basis. Dan brought us back to the Homestead Barn where we feasted on pork chops from Grand Grilling and homemade desserts, and those in attendance got to meet the hardworking employees of Howell Farms. It is our hope that all our guests gained insight into the good people, hard work, careful planning, logistical finesse, and massive investment required to produce the crops that we grow – and to know how much the contributions of our guests to this opportunity are appreciated. For information on Field Day 2018, contact Keri Howell by calling the farm office at (765) 759-7432.

Be sure to check out the photos below!