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Howell Farms Hosts Taiwan Grain Quality Study Team

In August, the US Grains Council sponsored a Grain Quality Study Team from Taiwan to visit selected sites in the US. Howell Farms was on their itinerary along with Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis and Poet Ethanol in Alexandria, IN. The thank you received from Clover Chang, USGC's Taiwan Director, explains why we think it is important to take the time for hosting these important visitors.

Dear David, Mary and Aaron,

On behalf of USGC’s Grain Quality Study Team, I want to thank you for meeting the team members and the warm hospitality you extended to us during our recent visit to your company on August 19.

Aaron's presentation for introducing Grow More with Less was very informative and helpful. The techniques of monitoring the contents of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (N, P, K) in farm soils, using Variable Rate Seeding, using computer software to help in farming and in improving production efficiency, reducing environmental pollution, are very impressive. We know that U.S. corn producers are trying to increase yield and assure good quality and you work very hard in learning from doing.

This team convinced the team members the quality and capability of the U.S. to supply corn exports and the advantages of using U.S. corn. We appreciate that U.S. corn helps the industry people in Taiwan develop feed and livestock industries. Many thanks for your help.

Attached please find four photos for you.

Best regards,


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