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State Fair 2015 - Year of the Farmer

After the rains that caused some headaches for Indiana Agriculture, it was almost ironic that the theme for the 2015 Indiana State Fair was "Year of the Farmer". Obviously the theme was decided well before Indiana farmers needed a little boost in morale. We were fortunate enough to be selected to represent the tomato production side of Indiana agriculture.

Family photo at the 2015 Indiana State Fair

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we plastered pictures of the kids taking on the State Fair in August. There was a Meet and Greet at the Farm Bureau Building, honorary judging of the Red Gold Salsa Recipe Contest at the Home and Family Arts Building, a special lunch at Pioneer Village, a Live Chat at The Glass Barn, and the day was capped off by loading up in the bed of a pickup truck for a parade around the fairgrounds. I don't think the kids will soon forget being a 'Featured Farmer' at the Indiana State Fair! It was a great experience and a neat way to spend time together as a family business.


Agriculture, like a lot of professions, can be extremely difficult – but to us, it's always worth it. Maybe that's what the State Fair was really highlighting this year, the spirit of Indiana's farmers. We were very happy to share a bit of that spirit with those who braved the dreary conditions to attend our 4th Annual Field Day. The idea to host Field Day was conceived on a beautiful, sunny fall day and unfortunately that weather has only been present for one of the actual Field Days. Nonetheless, we loaded our guests up in a bus and headed to a few nearby fields. There is so much to share about agriculture and we do our best to educate, show our sincere appreciation, and try not bore everyone to sleep! After the field tours, we had Grand Grilling's fantastic pork chops and listened to our guest speakers from Purdue University. A few door prizes were given out and our guests left the farm, hopefully with a better understanding of how and why we do things and a bit of that Indiana farmer's spirit!

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