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School Tours Return to Howell Farms Fall 2017

– From 1986 through about 2006, we gave school tours on a daily basis during the fall months. We've decided that now is a good time to reintroduce them for many reasons. As the number of farms shrinks throughout the world, the need for the next generation to learn about modern production agriculture and how it affects the lives of everyone becomes increasingly important. We plan to offer children... Read More

Farm Fest 2017 Recap

– The 2017 Delaware County Farm Festival was held March 14th-15th in observance of National Ag Day. We believe in the importance of communicating with our non-farm neighbors and providing educational materials to the many school children who attend this event. Every year Keri and Katy highlight one of our four crops in our display at the festival. Treats for the kids who came by the display... Read More

Field Day 2016 Recap

– The September skies cleared and the sunshine arrived along with our guests for the 5th annual Howell Farms Field Day. SPLIT_SUMMARY_BEFORE_THIS We plan Field Day for the busiest time of the year to give our landowners, business associates, and neighbors a glimpse of behind the scenes activity during the harvest season. Adam discusses the intricacies of tomato production. We took our guests... Read More

Pumpkin Sale at Howell Farms Raises $974 for Down Syndrome Indiana

–   Katherine Howell, Kate (pictured right), along with her parents, Aaron and Katy Howell, and all her cousins (pictured below) would like to thank the caring, generous people of our community who came out to the farm last weekend to support their efforts to raise funds for Down Syndrome Indiana. Down Syndrome Indiana is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of individuals... Read More

Howell Farms Hosts Taiwan Grain Quality Study Team

– In August, the US Grains Council sponsored a Grain Quality Study Team from Taiwan to visit selected sites in the US. Howell Farms was on their itinerary along with Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis and Poet Ethanol in Alexandria, IN. The thank you received from Clover Chang, USGC's Taiwan Director, explains why we think it is important to take the time for hosting these important visitors. ... Read More

World Down Syndrome Day 2016

–   The whole family observed World Down Syndrome Day. We learned this year that March 21st is World Down Syndrome day and decided to observe the day in honor of Aaron and Katy’s daughter, Kate. We were turned down by two hospitals when we asked to put up an educational display and one of the local shopping complexes did not have space for us with their St. Patrick’s Day celebration... Read More

NY Times Food For Tomorrow Conference

– In late October I had the chance to attend and be a panelist at a New York Times conference that they call Food For Tomorrow.  This year's theme was food policy.  I knew before agreeing to go that the general opinion of the crowd and other speakers would be very anti- modern/commercial farming.  I was interested, though, in the chance to meet these people, hear their thoughts first hand, and share... Read More

Indiana Weekend Featurette

– Howell Farms was featured on WIPB's Indiana Weekend episode 13 "Hoosier Harvest." Interviews and harvest footage were featured on both Indiana Public Broadcasting radio and television in November. Check out the video broadcast below. Watch the video on YouTube Read More

Howell Farms Welcomes Japanese Trade Delegation

– AgriNews highlighted a recent visit by a Japanese trade delegation to our headquarters in Middletown, IN. Follow the link after the quotes for the full article. A member of USGC, Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) hosted the Hoosier leg of the tour. The delegation visited Howell Family Farms in Middletown, where co-owner David Howell said all farmers need to get involved in marketing. Read More

State Fair 2015 - Year of the Farmer

– After the rains that caused some headaches for Indiana Agriculture, it was almost ironic that the theme for the 2015 Indiana State Fair was "Year of the Farmer". Obviously the theme was decided well before Indiana farmers needed a little boost in morale. We were fortunate enough to be selected to represent the tomato production side of Indiana agriculture. Family photo at the 2015 Indiana State... Read More