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According to the USDA’s latest Census of Agriculture, there are 2,204,792 farms in the United States.  The USDA definition of a farm is a little misleading as they include 688,833 farms, 31%, with only $1,000 or less in sales of
agricultural products in to this total.  $1,000 can be generated on about an acre and a half of row-crops or from one market steer.  It is clear that it would be impossible for a family to make a living on these numbers, but they are , nevertheless, counted in our national census statistics as “farms.”  The same Census tells us that 75% of the value of U.S. agriculture production is produced by only 125,000 farms.  Howell Farms is one of only 5,584 farms in the country, . 25% of the total, which the USDA categorizes as the largest based on market value of agricultural products sold.

Economics dictates that the agriculture industry recognize the efficiency and increased productivity of large scale operations -- just as other industries such as manufacturing have done.  Yet, despite the trend toward consolidation of farms, 98% of all the farms in the US are still family owned and operated.  Even in our “largest” category, 87% are owned by families.  We are just families whose business happens to be farming.  We like to grow things - and we are privileged to work together to grow them!

It’s a FAMILY Business

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